iPad ID Scanner - Purchase

iPad ID Scanner - Purchase

Price: $619.99$699.99
(iPad Mini or Air) (iPad 4)

Already downloaded our ID scanning app to your iPad 4, Mini or Air?

Purchase our ID scanner attachment so you can start using our software to protect your business from heavy fines. Become smarter about your customers by seeing the percentage of males and females, average age, patron flow, the number of repeat customers, comparing days to each other, etc. 

Our ID scanning attachment is necessary to read magnetic stripe drivers licenses.  


ID Scanner Features Include:

  • An alert if the ID is expired
  • An alert if the ID is underage
  • Detection of many fake IDs
  • A Banned and VIP setting
  • A detailed history of every scan which can be emailed in Excel
  • Passback feature - an alert can be set if the same ID is scanned 
Online data access is only $29.99 a month and you can opt out after the first billing cycle if it's not for you. Shipping is free within the U.S.  
  iPad ID Scanner   iPad ID scanner attachment
 Scanner Screenshots:
id scaner info ID scanner history ID scan - hidden info
 Patron Scan Info  Scan History  Hidden ID Scan

ID scanner stats

Scan Stats

id scanner settings

ID Scanner Settings

multi ID scan alert

Multi-Scan Alert

ID Scanner App 


The New York Police Department encourages the use of ID scanners “to deter underage drinking and the quality of life problems associated with it” – NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne

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The best drivers license scanner / ID scanner on the market. Based in New York City, we provide you with the most advanced age verification solution available. 914-227-2271