Can I use the camera of my iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device to scan IDs? 

  • Yes. If you have an iPhone 5 - 8, 10, iPod 5, 6, iPad 3, 4, Mini, Air or Android you can use your camera to read barcode IDs.  You need an attachment for faster scanning and to read magnetic stripe drivers licenses.  
Do I need WiFi or a cell phone plan to use the ID scanner? 
  • No, wifi or a plan is not necessary.  You can sync your scans later when you have wifi to access your scans online.   

What do I get when I order an ID scanner? 

  • If you have already downloaded our app for free on iTunes to your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, you get our ID scanner attachment.  We don't make attachments for Android devices. 
  • Don't have an iPod, iPhone or iPad? You can also rent or buy our ID scanner with an iPod that has our app pre-installed.  

What information does BCS see? What does BCS do with the information? 

  • When a patron's ID is scanned, four pieces of anonymous data (time of entry, age, gender and zip code) are sent to our database.  
  • We aggregate and analyze this anonymous data and provide it to you so you can better understand your customers.  

    If I buy the scanner + iPod, what kind of iPod do I get? 

    • Our full ID scanner unit contains an 8 gig iPod 4G or 32 gig iPod 6G. 

    How many scans can the iPod 6 ID scanner store?  

    • 25,000+ scans to prove due diligence.

    What kind of IDs does your software scan?   

    • All 50 U.S. states, U.S. military IDs, and all Canadian provinces.  We also have a feature for passports and damaged IDs.  

    Can I email myself the records?  

    • Yes, you can email yourself every ID scan captured in Excel / CSV.  

    How long should I keep the records?  

    • You should check with the laws of your jurisdiction.  We recommend a minimum of two weeks.  
    What happens if someone does not want his license scanned?  
    As someone who sells alcohol, tobacco or marijuana you have two options:
      1. Check the person's ID the old fashion way which prevents you from having a record in case there is a fight or theft.  This also prevents our software from detecting if it is a fake ID, or 
      2. Do not serve that person.  As long as you do not discriminate based on race, religion, disability, etc., you do not have to let anyone in your venue or sell him anything. 

      Is the product covered under warranty?  

      • We offer a lifetime warranty on the software and a one (1) year warranty on our iPod and scanner attachment.  

      If I rent an ID scanner, is there a long term contract or cancellation fee? 

      • No, never.  You can cancel anytime. 
        How many devices does a camera ID scanner subscription cover?
        • It is a per device subscription until five (5) devices.  Our enterprise plan starts after 5 devices.  
        • All your scanners will communicate with each other.  So if John Doe is banned/VIP'd on device 1, he will be banned/VIP'd on all other devices.  
        How do I cancel my ID scanner subscription?
        • If you signed up for ID scanning in the app go to Account tab and put your device in the off position (to the left) on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.  If you are using an Android device go to Settings > Show Linked Scanners and turn it off.  You can always turn it back on when you want to use it in the future.  
        • If you signed up online send an email to info@barandclubstats.com with your credentials. 

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