About Us

Founded by an attorney, software engineer and marketing professional in 2011, BCS' Smart ID Scanner™ is the premier mobile ID scanning solution in the United States. We saw the big, bulky ID scanners on the market and created a smaller, less expensive solution.  

Based off an iPod, iPad, iPhone or Android device, our ID scanners protect against underage drinking and enable you to become smarter about your customers.  

Our software lets you see, in real-time, your number of patrons, average age, gender split, number of repeat customers, compare days, weeks, months, etc.  We also offer the ability to manipulate your banned/VIP list online.  

Winner of the MillerCoors Urban Entrepreneur Series and based in New York City, our ID scanner is used by over 25,000 bars, clubs, stores, casinos and arenas in the United States and Canada.  Customers include the Tennessee TitansTin Roof Bars, Jim BeamLAVO, Pianos, WeWork, and Penn State University.      

NCB Show - Bar & Club Stats

BCS at the Nightclub & Bar Trade Show in Las Vegas 

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