Vape Shop Compliance. What Are You Doing?

Lots of new vape laws are being signed into law.  California recently classified e-cigarettes as tobacco, and one must be 21+ plus to purchase vape products.  

What are you doing to make sure your store and employees are compliant?  How are you checking IDs?  

We recommend that you electronically scan IDs.  It is a much better option than checking IDs visually like it's 1980.  It gives you a legal record of checking an drivers license, is better at preventing fakes, and deter minors from using fakes IDs.  

As VapeMentors recently said, they "discovered a 21st century solution that savvy vape shop owners are using to stay in FDA compliance."  

Be smart.  Protect your investment and take precautionary measures to not serve a minor. 

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