Trying To Get A Liquor License In New York City?

Getting a liquor license in New York is not easy.  You have to pass a community board recommendation hearing and appear in front of the NY State Liquor Authority.  

New York has a 500 foot rule.  If your proposed business is within a 500 foot radius of three other businesses that sell alcohol, you must show the community board that your business is in the best interest of the community.  You must also prove that to the State Liquor Authority.  

Even if a bar owner obtains community board approval for his/her liquor license, the entire application process takes about three months. 

If you are privileged enough to get a liquor license you need to do everything you can to prevent losing it.  Serving a minor will cause a sizable fine.  If it is egregious enough you can lose your liquor license.  

We strongly recommend scanning everyone's ID before they enter your establishment or before they are served.  An ounce of prevention goes a long way.  

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