iOS ID Scanner App Update - 18.7

We're constantly trying to improve our product for a better ID scanning experience.  Whether you have a bar, club, casino or marijuana dispensary, you don't want to think about scanning IDs.  You want it to be seamless.  

We made a number of new improvements to make the experience better.  

We updated both our iOS ID scanning apps to version 18.7.  In this new release we:

  • Fixed an issue with our multi-scan alert by implementing Realm in the background 
  • Enabled greater storage in our app.  No more slowdowns if you have thousands of ID scans on your device. 
  • Enabled quicker communication between ID scanners.  If you have multiple scanners they will communicate their banned/VIP list faster than before. 
  • Added some new fake ID formats .

Update our app and let us know what you think.  

ID scan migration screenshot

Note it will take a few seconds to transfer your old data to our updated app.  Thanks!   

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