How To Check IDs

There are many ways to checks IDs.  The most popular way is unfortunately with the naked eye.  Why is this archaic method flawed? 

  • It give you no legal record of checking the ID 
  • It is easy to copy/fake holograms with a cheap printer
  • It requires the person checking the ID to do math for age and expiration 
  • It is hard to do in a dark and/or loud environment 

Another popular way is using a blacklight scanner.  Why is this method flawed?  As we previously mentioned you can make holograms with a $100 these days.  It too gives you no legal record of checking the ID.  

What is a better way?  Scan IDs!  

It is faster, takes away any math miscalculations, and gives you a legal record of checking the drivers license.  

We've seen many cases of bar or club owners saying they checked an ID of an underage patron who was served.  However, with no legal record of ever checking that ID, it is your word versus the minor's.  Unfortunately, bar owners tend to lose that argument about 90% of the time.  

Be safe and protect your investment.  Scan the driver's license of everyone who enters your business or you serve alcohol to.  

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