Five Mistakes People Make When Checking IDs

Do you sell alcohol, tobacco or marijuana?  We're sure you paid a lot to get your state license, and to sell your product to a minor could really damage your business.  

Most businesses unfortunately still manually check IDs like it's 1980.  The five biggest mistakes people make when checking IDs are:

  1. Since there is a hologram the drivers license is real.  It is super easy to create holograms with a cheap printer.  It is much harder to recreate a real barcode or magnetic stripe.  
  2. Not questioning the patron about info on his drivers license (i.e. zip code, how to spell one's street). 
  3. Not having a legal record of checking the ID.  Manually checking an ID gives you no legal record of checking one's ID.  Scanning an ID gives you that legal record.  
  4. Not checking everyone's drivers license.  Why would you not check everyone's ID?  What is the harm?  
  5. I've never served a minor before, it won't happen in the future.  Wishful thinking!  We get tons of calls from people because they got a ticket.  Being proactive is much better than being reactive.  

Is your business making some or all of the above ID checking mistakes?  

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