Are You Using NiteTables?

We sometimes like to highlight other cool companies in the hospitality space.  NiteTables is definitely one of them. 

The vast majority of people now make purchases and book reservations online.  If your venue's website doesn't offer an easy way for them to book a reservation for a special package you are losing business.  Many potential customers will not call or wait for a response to an email inquiry - they will simply go elsewhere.

With NiteTables you can offer anything from a birthday celebration package, to a football game watching package or any other special offer you can think of. NiteTables booking widget integrates easily and seamlessly with your website and enables the sale of packages via all devices.  In addition, the widget captures contact information for direct marketing to drive even more business.  An easy backend interface allows you to update all offers in real time so you can dynamically price and manage inventory. 

NiteTables also significantly leverages your social media presence through the use of referral links to the booking platform.  The system can be utilized to encourage your employees and partners to market events at your venue through the use of these customized links.

Reach out to them on their website or via email.  

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