iPhone Bar Thefts On The Rise

Criminals are out there, and they are unfortunately targeting people with iPhones at bars in New York City.  What can you do to protect your bar or club?  Get an ID scanner so you can keep track of who you are doing business with.  Our ID scanner helped out one of our East Village bars. 

A woman's iPhone was stolen and she and her friends had a description of who they thought did it.  Earlier in the night he was looking at their belongings a bit too much.  Based on the victim's description, the police were able to catch the alleged thief.  When asked if he was at the bar that night, he of course said no.  

The police went to the bar and asked to see their ID scans from the night of the theft.  Based on ID scans, it proved the thief was there at the night in question and entered before the crime was reported.  He was arrested and will hopefully not try this again.

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