Hiring Security Personnel

A bar or nightclub's doorman is the first impression people get of your venue.  They should be friendly and understand that people have a ton of nightlife options.  That people chose to patronize your venue is a privilege.   

An unfortunate story out of Cipriani's in New York City.  According to this news article, a patron is suing them for injuries which include a concussion and a broken arm.  According to the plaintiff Cipriani and security company employees punched him in the head and knocked him out.  

While the court will assess who is to blame for this incident, it highlights the importance of hiring qualified security guards and doormen and what to do when things get out of control.  A thorough background check should be performed on all security employees.  If any violence should erupt the police should be called immediately.  They are better equipped to handle the situation and will be less emotionally involved.

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