Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Memorial Day Weekend, the official start of summer, is coming soon.  What does that mean?  Underage college kids are running around trying to get into your bar or club.  

What can you do to protect your liquor license and prevent underage drinking?  Scan everyone's drivers license.  Three major benefits of scanning IDs are:

  1. It gives you a legal record of checking the ID.  If you don't electronically scan IDs it is just your word versus theirs, and you will always loss that fight.  
  2. It detects more fake IDs than the naked eye.  Use technology to check IDs.  It's 2016. 
  3. It is a huge deterrent.  If a 19 year old with a fake ID sees you are scanning IDs and serious about who you serve, he will go on to the next bar.  Let that bar or business deal with the liability of serving a 19 year old.  

Bottom all you can to protect your liquor license.  Stop checking IDs like it's 1975.  

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