New ID Scanner App Features - February 1st

We have not updated our app since October 15th, which is a long time for us. We try to add new features and new fake IDs every month. We haven't had an update since October because we've been hard at work overhauling our interface and our banned/VIP list. 

In addition to a new interface, in our update you will be able to:

  1. Ban/VIP people from our free app
  2. Remove banned/VIP patrons directly from the app 
  3. Decrease the headcount for patrons who leave your bar
  4. Reset the headcount to zero without erasing scans 
  5. See your detailed scan statistics directly in the app
  6. Have a live scan count across multiple devices in the app (if you have two devices with 100 scans, you can see 200 scans)
  7. The ability to erase individual scans 
  8. Student ID card scanning (high school, college, etc.)

Please update our app on February 1st for these features. Thanks! 

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