Premium vs Free ID Scanner App

We get questions about our premium iOS ID scanner app a lot so we thought we would answer them here. 

If you are using our camera ID scanner app, our premium app does not give you unlimited scanning. On both our free and premium camera ID scanner app you get 35 free scans. After 35 scans you can purchase unlimited scanning in 1, 3 or 12 month packages. Unlimited ID scanning can be purchased through us or through iTunes.   

Our premium app gives you the following features:

  1. Banned/VIP list
  2. Email/phone number field
  3. Manual patron add for foreign IDs or drivers licenses that are too damaged to scan
  4. Adding a note or ID number after a patron is manually added 
  5. Network the banned and VIP list on multiple scanners 
  6. Hide the address from the user
  7. To not store any information after an ID is scanned

We always recommend people start with our free app then upgrade if they want the added features. Our premium Android ID scanner app will be out soon. Thanks! 

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