Which ID Scanner? Camera or Attachment?

We recently released our camera based ID scanner for the iPhone 5, iPod 5 and newer iPad models. You can use the camera of your device to read barcode drivers licenses. To read magnetic stripe drivers licenses you still need our ID scanner attachment. Which scanner, camera or attachment, is right for your business?

It largely depends on three factors: number of people you scan a night (population); where your business is located (state); and if you already own an iPhone, iPad or iPod (device). 


  • How busy are you? 
  • Do you have more than 250 patrons on a typical weekend night? If so we recommend our hardware attachment because it is faster. You can compare the speed of our two ID scanners here on YouTube.  


  • Where are you located? 
  • If you are in CA, TX, FL, SC, OH, PA or CO we recommend an ID scanner attachment. Older licenses from CA and TX have only a magnetic stripe. Newer licenses from all these states have both a barcode and magnetic stripe. 


  • Do you already own an iPhone 5/5C/5S, iPod 5 32GB or 64GB, or iPad Mini, 4 or Air?  
  • If you do, and have more than 250 patrons a night and operate in CA, TX, FL, SC, OH, PA or CO, all you need is our ID scanner attachment. If you don't already own an Apple device you can get a complete ID scanner from us.  
  • If you already own one of the Apple devices listed, have less than 500 patrons on a weekend night, and do not live in one of the aforementioned states, our camera ID scanner is probably best for you. We recommend trying our camera ID scanner first, and you can decide if you want to upgrade to something faster.  

    ID Scanner Attachment

    ID Scanner Attachment - iPhone



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