Will Rite Aid Stop Selling Tobacco Products?

Last week CVS announced that it would stop selling tobacco products by the end of the year. According to their CEO Larry Merlo: “We’ve come to the decision that cigarettes have no place in an environment where healthcare is being delivered.”

Will other big drugstore chains like Rite Aid stop selling tobacco too?  

Whether Rite Aid will stop selling tobacco is for another discussion. What they are doing is taking all necessary measures so that tobacco and alcohol is not getting into the wrong hands. Rite Aid scans the driver's license of everyone who buys tobacco and alcohol.

This is a great practice. Selling tobacco and alcohol is a privilege, and to lose that privilege by selling to a 19 year old makes no sense. We hope other drugstore chains follow the same practice. Using a computer to help verify one's drivers license is a much better practice than looking at it with the naked eye. Does your business still check IDs the old fashioned way? 

Rite Aid ID Scanner

Rite Aid ID Scanner

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