ID Scanner - Purchase

ID Scanner - Purchase

Price: $749.99 or $849.99$999.99
iPod 6 Add to Cart (iPod 4)

Looking to prevent expensive fines for underage drinking?  Want to effectively run promotions and make more money?

Our Smart ID Scanner™ combines an iPod 4G or iPod 6G with hardware that reads magnetic stripe and 2D barcode drivers licenses. Works with all 50 states, military IDs, and Canadian provinces.    

Can't decide between the 4G and 6G? The 6G has a larger display (4" vs. 3.5") and a faster processor. It's Apple's newest and best iPod.  


ID Scanner Features Include:

  • An alert if the ID is expired
  • An alert if the ID is underage
  • An instant guest count with gender breakdown  
  • Detection of many fake IDs 
  • A detailed history of every scan which can be emailed in Excel
  • Passback feature - an alert can be set if the same ID is scanned 
Online data access is only $29.99 a month. You can opt out after the first billing cycle if it's not for you. Ships free within the United States! 
Scanner Screenshots:
ID patron scan ID stats
Patron Scan Info 

 Scan History

Guest Count 

ID Scanner Settings

ID Scanner Settings

fake ID scaner

Fake ID Detection

Banned List

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